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"Latina Power means being prepared to re-invent your self a million times. We have the capacity to be resilient, to be connected, to be community. Women are capable of generating huge energy, all by themselves. In our countries of origin we have lived difficult things. And women are always ready to make things work for families, for the community. I think its power without limits. Limitations are placed by the circumstances that we are exposed to. It’s not because we don’t have more. We face whatever comes our way and we move forward. We are creators, creative. It’s resilience, a force without limits."

"Latina women are emblematic of constant struggle.Since birth she has to resist and emerge just because of her sex. This makes her powerful in a man’s world. Latina power emerges from that which oppresses her. It’s very common to see women who raise their children alone; women who juggle time, able to a million things at once; women who sell, invent, are entrepreneurial, and don’t know that they are...strong women who are main providers for their families; women who resist machismo and misogyny; women who live between the blessing and the curse of a culture that celebrates her on the one hand and condemns on the other. Latina women’s power is the resilience and resistance that flourishing in the midst of all of these struggles. Latina power is also the hope for healing the community."

Ada Recinos

“Latina power means the power of a community. I think that women are influencers. They bring a lot of strengths to their families. They are more likely to be out there talking to the community about things that matter. They have the power to influence so many generations of people from different races, classes…they’ve been using principles of organizing without labeling them as that – talking to their comadres about injustices that are happening. Most of the good advice about my career has come from my mom and other Latina women. They have eachothers’ backs.”


“Latina Power is the power of the US Economy. The power of the Global economy! From the time that a woman begins to work she has economic weight. In one way or another we devalue that economic power. If a housewife can’t bring home food or manage money the entire family is in ruins…launching my business is a challenge -- as an immigrant, as a woman. People often think that it’s not possible. If you don’t have knowhow it’s not possible, If you don’t know the language it’s not possible...but we are close and now I know that yes we can. “